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We are a Golf site focusing on resources, such as equipment guides, skill improvement tips, and exercise advice for golfers.

Our equipment reviews are useful for those who want to avoid the stress of scouting and evaluating products by looking at their manufacturing details and combing through countless reviews by unverified online users.

Our tips and guides are written and fact-checked by scratch golfers who have played along with some of the best players in the world! So we bet, you’ll find a gem of advice in these articles.

What we think of Golf?


Golf is not just about a swing and distance or a perfect putt. Yes, it’s an amazing feeling when you rip a driver down the middle of the fairway or hit those towering iron shots. But it goes beyond that.

A golf course is a place where people talk to people. At the driving range or in the clubhouse there are these conversations about life, family, relationships, cars, finance, and what not!

It is a fantastic sport that gives a lot of joy to a lot of people.

We are in love with this game because at Golf Proper we are these people!

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