How To Measure Golf Club Length?

There are different methods to measure the length of a Golf Club. Let’s start with something so obvious that people usually forget and then delve into the standard methods out there.

Just Google it!

If your clubs are off-the-rack and have not been changed to your knowledge, go to any search engine and search for, “brand + model + specs”.

Also try the brand’s official website for extra accuracy on specific models. They may well change standard lengths year to year and model to model.

Combine this information with the following actual methods to test your measuring ability.

Standard 48” ruler method

This method uses a ruler underneath the shaft, grip to the heel on the floor, with the club in a playing position on the ground. This way the blade length or head size doesn’t influence measurements.

A tape measure can work too but may be harder to wield. The clubhead and the grip should both be touching the ruler.

1.   Hold the ruler as though it’s a golf club at address.

2.   Rest the club you are measuring over the top of the ruler. Raise and lower the grip until the sole of the club lies flat on the ground.

3.   Make sure the club butts up to the ruler at the heel and the grip.

4.   Read the measurement the grip reaches. It will often be a whole number but the search engine method can be a point of reference to look for.

This is very much a freehand method and is easy to get different readings from different users. The more you try it, the better you will get to know it.

Below is a more specific method used for tournament play and manufacturing.

The USGA Method

The United States Golfing Association (USGA) is a governing body for what clubs are permitted in tournament golf.

The USGA uses a specific device that holds the club in a perfect 60° angle at the base from horizontal. This is to make sure it is the same for every club. The measurement is taken from the very top of the grip cap.

The maximum limit for most clubs is 48”, putters have no limit.

Since putter anchoring was banned, the belly putter and chin putter have almost disappeared as they are not permitted to fix to a third point on the body.

Long Drivers of America (LDA) Method

These animals do things differently and have a limit of 50”. The method of measurement is vertical as though rested against a wall.

This method of measurement would give different measurements to the others as the head shape and lie angle can vary the length.

How to measure putter length?

There are so many different putter necks and shaft entry points, it can be tricky to measure to the heel of the clubhead.

Using the 48” ruler method, measure down the length of the shaft and continue to the ground.

You may have to run the measurement flush to the side of the shaft to measure some designs.

Final Thoughts

Golf club length is more important than you may think. The length of a driver can change the intentions of what is trying to be achieved. The length of your irons can change your distance and consistency through strike.

Perfect length >> easier swings >> better contact >> better flight >> lower scores >> happier golfers!

Hence we recommend fitting a Golf Club for length in order for you to play your best golf.

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